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Evil weeds must DIE

It’s becoming oddly satisfying ripping weeds out. I went out and weeded and watered the garden but still had the urge to rip up the little yard-wrecking (they’re the spiny ouchy weeds for the most part) plants by their roots, so I tackled the back strip that was originally all neat and tidy and mulched […]

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The good kind of tired

Most days I’m tired but it’s not a satisfying kind of tired. Today however, hoo-boy. My to do list was fairly simple: mow the lawn and transplant the tomatoes and blueberries. But what I got done, with Chris’ help, was a bit more: Mowed the backyard Cultivated the area for the tomatoes & transplanted them […]

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Less garden, more yard work

Disclaimer: I’m on a quest to lose weight, so I didn’t ask for much help from Chris, in case anyone wonders why I did it all lol Today, I: Finished mowing the front lawn, and mowed the back. We have 1/5th of an acre, not a lot, but not a tiny city plot either, so […]

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