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Painfully obvious lessons

More lessons, con’t from this post… Tomato cages. Just suck it up and buy them. Stakes do no good when they have 6 “main” stalks coming up from the ground! It’s like trying to stop a monkey from flinging poo. Or trying to contain a 2 year old. Not gonna happen. Zucchini and squash need […]

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Don’t eat the apple in the Garden of Eatin’

Bad stuff’ll happen….weeds will take over so badly you can’t catch up and all you can hope for it to clear little areas around the still producing plants so they aren’t choked out. Tomatoes will grow so insanely big they’ll all fall over and you were dumb and planted them so close together you can’t […]

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General growy-ness

Just a general update on how things are going in the Garden of Eatin’ today. The weeds are taking over. I need to get out there and attack with the weed whacker, it’s that bad. It’s not stopping things from growing, so that much is good! But it won’t happen in the next few days…yesterday […]

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Weeding made…….. fun?

If not fun, at least tolerable, and easy. I’ve been eying an oscillating hoe for a couple months now but only recently started to get weeds enough for me to consider my weeding options seriously. Chemicals are of course out, I’d rather completely lose my garden then spray anything toxic, so after reading about Tiny […]

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