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Don’t eat the apple in the Garden of Eatin’

Bad stuff’ll happen….weeds will take over so badly you can’t catch up and all you can hope for it to clear little areas around the still producing plants so they aren’t choked out. Tomatoes will grow so insanely big they’ll all fall over and you were dumb and planted them so close together you can’t […]

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The bees and the squashes and the corn

Notice: The weeds are taking over. Ignore them and don’t think too badly of me 😉 I don’t have enough time to keep them in check lately! I’ve noticed a lot of bee life in the garden, and managed to get a couple photos of them helping me out… With my tomatoes: And my lemon […]

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Still here

Not much to say…very busy with non gardening stuff! The garden is still doing great, I have about 6 or 7 zucchini , 2 summer squash, a bazillion tomato flowers but still no fruit (what’s up with that?), the corn is waist high, the remaining taters are huge, one pea vine is at least 7-8 […]

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I died.

Really. When I saw the thermometer in my van and it said 106F, I died. Thankfully the a/c brought me back. Well, maybe not so much, it’s still 80 degrees inside my house at 11pm and I’m miserable. I’m sure I sound melodramatic, but I tend to get awful migraines with the heat (got one […]

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