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Still here

Not much to say…very busy with non gardening stuff! The garden is still doing great, I have about 6 or 7 zucchini , 2 summer squash, a bazillion tomato flowers but still no fruit (what’s up with that?), the corn is waist high, the remaining taters are huge, one pea vine is at least 7-8 […]

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I died.

Really. When I saw the thermometer in my van and it said 106F, I died. Thankfully the a/c brought me back. Well, maybe not so much, it’s still 80 degrees inside my house at 11pm and I’m miserable. I’m sure I sound melodramatic, but I tend to get awful migraines with the heat (got one […]

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Those pictures I promised

I couldn’t wait to get out and get pictures…I’m like a kid opening presents with this garden :lol Here’s a pea pod: One of the ripening strawberries: And the tomatoes with their new supports (the smaller plants are the early girls that I started from seed much later then the beefsteak and roma)…I wasn’t able […]

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Today: News! Tomorrow: Pictures!

I’m so excited I can’t stand it :lol I bought plant stakes at the Grocery Outlet yesterday and got plant tape at Lowes today (last roll in the whole store) and went out and took out the tomato cages I had (they were given to me, so no loss) and tied up the tomatoes to […]

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Thanks, lady

Doesn’t this little guy seem to be saying something? Like, “thanks for putting up a PROPER TRELLIS, you SLACKER“? Yeah I thought so. My camera settings were odd in Super Macro mode for proper contrast and brightness, but the kids were literally climbing on my back as I kneeled to shoot, so, ya know. Photoshop […]

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New Pea Trellis

Went to Lowes today and got a couple 10′ lengths of board and redid the peas. They are much happier (and taller!) now. It was delicate work removing the old twine (which I reused as much of as I could) and keeping the vines from breaking or bending too far.

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