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New home, neighborhood, garden!

Now that the toilet and bathroom sink work, we’re settling in well. The move wasn’t bad at all. Except my ex-landlord stalking me. But I blocked her and she doesn’t know our new address so it’s all good now. Our new neighborhood seems excellent so far. One neighbor said hi the night we moved in […]

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I’m going to have nightmares about monster boxes, I swear. Our one car garage is completely packed with boxes and there’s a good roomful still inside, plus furniture.  I hope the 24′ Uhaul is enough – I figured without my dad’s stuff here and the paring down I’ve been doing, we shouldn’t need a 26′! […]

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Looking ahead (to Idaho?)

Eww! Idaho! Most of my readers probably don’t know that prior to 1.5 years ago, we lived in Idaho. I hate it there but it looks like we’re going back. Hello greenhouses, row covers, frost, cold and brr. I never got a garden going there, my seedlings all succumbed to that icky fungus. I know […]

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Farming Part 2

Farming won’t happen any time soon. The USDA Rural Development farm loan program requires 3 full years of verifiable farming experience. Kinda silly, but there’s ways to do it. I am however looking at a regular single family loan…I don’t think my credit will let it go through ($9k in medical bills), but there’s always […]

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