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Painfully obvious lessons

More lessons, con’t from this post… Tomato cages. Just suck it up and buy them. Stakes do no good when they have 6 “main” stalks coming up from the ground! It’s like trying to stop a monkey from flinging poo. Or trying to contain a 2 year old. Not gonna happen. Zucchini and squash need […]

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To build a trellis

Stephanie asked me to write up how I made the new pea trellis. I was glad to have something to pull me away from work, so I got right on it! I’ll start with a list of supplies (I got everything from Lowes): ($10) 6′ steel fence post x2 (the ones sold as 6’…they are […]

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Fall/winter cover crop

Having never been able to be somewhere where I could contemplate the next season’s garden, I had never heard of a cover crop until I started researching gardening this spring. I learned, at a minimum, that planting a cover crop is a darn good way to add vital organic matter and nutrients into your soil […]

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More lessons from the field

continuing on a previous post…. Pea and bean trellis needs to have vertical lines to climb the best. And “garden twine” from Lowes is crap. Look at it wrong and it snaps. Boxes are cute and fun and special garden layouts attractive, but not practical for economical and effective watering. Next time I’ll probably do […]

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Memories (lessons learned as a child)

My parents were awful parents. Really. Not “my parents wouldn’t let me have desert before dinner” awful, but “make me sleep surround by cat sh!t and never bathe me or even brush my hair” awful. I was spared the physical abuse my oldest 3 siblings got (I was #5), I think because they were just […]

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Lessons from the field

errr, garden. This will likely become a page all to itself, depending on how much I find I’ve learned. To start, I have learned the peas need very little nitrogen. So little that even dried grass clippings as mulch at their base will “burn” them. There’s a reason the Earth Juice has a separate formulation […]

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Earthworms move slow…right? Right??

So I’ve always been of the notion that earthworms are slow. I mean, they let you pick them up and they move around in your hand slow, then inch around in the soil slow, but apparently when they need to, they have some get-up-and-go! I went out to check on my progress from today (even […]

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