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Remember how I said 2 weeks?

So in my post on the 15th I said some rubbish about waiting 2 weeks to see growth? How’s 3 days. :lol The earliest any of the packets say to germination is the lettuce at 5-10 days, most are around 10-21.This is the lettuce, but some cabbage has also popped up. I love gardening :treehugger […]

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Still here

Not much to say…very busy with non gardening stuff! The garden is still doing great, I have about 6 or 7 zucchini , 2 summer squash, a bazillion tomato flowers but still no fruit (what’s up with that?), the corn is waist high, the remaining taters are huge, one pea vine is at least 7-8 […]

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I died.

Really. When I saw the thermometer in my van and it said 106F, I died. Thankfully the a/c brought me back. Well, maybe not so much, it’s still 80 degrees inside my house at 11pm and I’m miserable. I’m sure I sound melodramatic, but I tend to get awful migraines with the heat (got one […]

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Little update

The garden is doing super. Though I keep leaving the tomatoes out too long while hardening them off and they’re protesting with pale leaves and slowed growth, but still plugging along. I’ll probably transplant them the first sunny warm day we have next week. After that awful hot weather we had last weekend, it’s been […]

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24 hours in a garden

The heat finally left us and we were greeting to wonderfully rainy, 55 degree weather this morning. I was thrilled. I think even Chris welcomed it and he hates the greyness of the Pacific Northwest (Salem really isn’t that bad though, not like the Gray’s Harbor area he grew up in). So with the rain, […]

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Slow Blog Day

Sorry for the lack of bloggage – I finally was able to get busy with work and have been working and grocery shopping and other inside household stuff today. We had company yesterday and I spent 2 days scrubbing a perfectly clean house (I grew up in filthy squalor thanks to good ol’ mom and […]

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