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Slowing down

There hasn’t been much garden to blog about and it makes me sad. I wish I was able to plant my fall/winter garden and be working with that and blogging about it. Hopefully in spring we’ll have another one going where ever we may be. The tomatoes are still producing and I’ve just been making […]

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And for a sixth post today

I don’t normally break up a day’s information into multiple posts, but I wanted to try it out today. Other then Blotanical only seeing the latest 2, I like it better. If you’re reading this one, check out all the others from today! While at Lowes getting the wood for the trellis, I picked up […]

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The good kind of tired

Most days I’m tired but it’s not a satisfying kind of tired. Today however, hoo-boy. My to do list was fairly simple: mow the lawn and transplant the tomatoes and blueberries. But what I got done, with Chris’ help, was a bit more: Mowed the backyard Cultivated the area for the tomatoes & transplanted them […]

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