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OSU Master Gardener Program

I know at least one of my readers is a Master Gardener, but most are not and I wanted to spread the word. I’m not going to get a chance to go through the program this year (too busy!) so I hope someone can “take my place” (even though I didn’t have an official one!). […]

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If only I could keep flowers alive

I found this cute planter while searching for organizing supplies for a post on my organizing blog, that would look nice on my deck and allow portability in a move. And kind of matches the two hanging planters that I used last year, but I killed the flowers I had in it (I haven’t bothered […]

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Garden planner software

While contemplating how to create the layout of my garden this year, I stumbled upon I didn’t even bother looking for anything else, it’s exactly what I wanted, and more. The GrowVeg system lets you: Create Plans: Quickly produce garden plans, add plants and change the layout. Either metric units or feet and inches […]

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Oregon Gardening Calendar

One more resource, from the Oregon State University Extension Office – Also, the main OSU Extension Office Gardening page: This is for March (notice the part where it says “if soil is dry enough”… DRY? What is this DRY you speak of????), I am happy to see them emphasize non-toxic methods. Oregon State […]

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58 Vegetable Growing Guides

After a lovely 4 day migraine (Imitrex ran out – I do not recommend this) I got a chance to look at the plants and the onion tops are growing crazy-high and bending over so I went on a search to see if it was safe to snip them. I found a great resource! The […]

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2009 plug for Earth Juice

While I wish I was getting paid for this, I’m not. This stuff is just that good. It deserves a post of its own. Good gardening practices and good soil is always better then using fertilizer, but if you need it, use this stuff. Organic, uses nothing “bad”, no chemicals or artificial crap that you […]

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Greenhouse, mini sized

While at Lowes getting a few things for hanging curtains and stopping drafts, I found this nifty little “greenhouse”. I have a SERIOUS lack of space in this house for starting seeds…after I get unpacked, I might be able to use one counter for one tray of starts – not enough! This is only $35 […]

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New home, neighborhood, garden!

Now that the toilet and bathroom sink work, we’re settling in well. The move wasn’t bad at all. Except my ex-landlord stalking me. But I blocked her and she doesn’t know our new address so it’s all good now. Our new neighborhood seems excellent so far. One neighbor said hi the night we moved in […]

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To build a trellis

Stephanie asked me to write up how I made the new pea trellis. I was glad to have something to pull me away from work, so I got right on it! I’ll start with a list of supplies (I got everything from Lowes): ($10) 6′ steel fence post x2 (the ones sold as 6’…they are […]

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