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Heading into spring

Sunny, warm February. Idaho can kiss my butt 😉 No offense to my Idahoan readers of course… I already need to mow the lawn and flowers are blooming! Trying to find time to think about the garden. Being a single full time student while being self employed with 4 homeschooled kids is kicking my rear […]

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Getting all smart and stuff

Life throws some whopper curveballs sometimes. Unfortunately after being with my husband for 12 years, I recently learned he’s not the person anyone thought him to be. I try not to post personal stuff on this blog (being a gardening blog and whatnot, plus I have facebook and a personal blog and other places to […]

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Almost done for the year

The last of the potatoes and onions got harvested yesterday. The onions were trying to flower, I guess it’s been this bizarre ‘super hot to below normal temps’ weather. All that is left are a few cucumbers and tons of tomatoes. I’m thinking of container gardening next year to make the whole process easier since […]

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How should my fall garden grow?

What do you want to see my bust my fool neck trying to keep alive this fall? To make it extra challenging, nothing from the Cruciferous family (migraine city for me!) – I know they’re great for fall and winter crops too, sorry! Cruciferous (krew-SIH-fer-uhs) is the scientific name for a group of plants whose […]

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May in Oregon Leafrolling worms will affect apples and blueberries. Prune off affected leaves and place pheromone traps or spray with approved pesticides. Trap moles and gophers as new mounds appear. Control spittle bugs and aphids in strawberries and ornamentals, if present; wash off or use insecticidal soap as a contact spray. Follow label directions. Fertilize rhododendrons […]

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Very late pictures

Here’s our redneck mini greenhouses: Water bottle, cut in half. 2 notches cut on the bottom edge for drainage. Fill bottom half with damp soil, add seed or plant. Water well. Cut slit on bottom edge of top piece so you can insert the top into the bottom. Ta-Da! Tacky but it works! And it’s […]

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