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Artemis at our pond/dugout.

Years of our lives

That moment when you realize it was 2014 when you posted last, and it’s somehow now 2017…. How did that happen? Looking back over all the year’s posts, my poor garden blog went from frequent excited posts to sporadic random recipes and “want to do”.  2017 has us on our own property so the “want […]

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Pinterest Thursday

Pinterest has fast become the go-to place for ideas and inspiration. We’re building a house and will have a large garden next year, so most of my pins are garden and house design! My top picks for this week from my Gardening Board So I can plan where to plant: Source: via Amy on […]

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Well, maybe 2013?

7 flats of dead starts later, the garden won’t be what my inlaws or I had hoped. Live and learn! Communication was the main problem, everyone thought someone else was going to take care of them, so they froze… then got sunburnt 🙁 Poor little plants 🙁 So, I’m going to be prepared for 2013 […]

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In the zone

Here’s a clue (less of a clue and more an obvious answer, thanks to some paperwork being finalized) where I’m going to be gardening at next spring: But according to this, I’ll be in zone 3b to 4a, where the official Canada hardiness map indicates 1b to 2a: (yeah Alberta is a big […]

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Shh, don’t remind me

Yes it’s almost February. Resolutions? I don’t recall any resolutions. Don’t you dare scroll down that page! I said don’t! That should be an indication how those are going (I’ve had a few people email and ask) 😉 Soap making is FUN. I already have 100+ bars of soap at various stages of curing. And […]

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Cheater McCheaterson

Starting from seed isn’t gonna happen this year. I’m sooooooo behind in school and work that I just had to let that one thing go (that ONE thing? Have you seen the sink full of dishes…. sigh). I’m going to get plants from the nursery (or maybe Costco, they had a bunch of organic plants […]

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