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Getting all smart and stuff

Life throws some whopper curveballs sometimes. Unfortunately after being with my husband for 12 years, I recently learned he’s not the person anyone thought him to be. I try not to post personal stuff on this blog (being a gardening blog and whatnot, plus I have facebook and a personal blog and other places to […]

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Halloween Good (gross) Eats

From the world of the internet, I bring you (might want to hide small children): Meat(loaf) Hand From not martha Bloody Brain Pannacotta From Not Quite Nigella Halloween “Finger Food” From A bit of this and A bit of that Zombie Cake From Courtney’s Cakes flickr Halloween Monster From pbjoachim’s flickr Isn’t Halloween the awesomest?!!

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The garden, Squidoo, random

I’m the queen of craptastic titles, I know. It’s been hot, not as hot as say, Double Danger (they have a whole “hot as hell” category, you could not pay me enough to live in Texas), but it’s getting 90-95F with high humidity and no a/c, and if you’ve missed my whining on Twitter, you […]

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Wall Street Journal on the Salem Chicken issue

Here’s the link! It’s written kind of cheesy, but I’m glad it’s published. “It’s silliness,” says Terri Frohnmayer, a commercial real-estate broker who is co-chairwoman of one of Salem’s 19 neighborhood associations and lives outside town next to a farm that has chickens. “Eggs aren’t even that expensive anyway. What’s next? Goats? Llamas?” Her advice […]

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Salem chickens update

Update: The article is out! Apparently the City of Salem is becoming a nationwide spectacle over this chicken mess. So much so that the Wall Street Journal is interested. I guess the mayor thinks it’s because they’re dragging it out so long, which I suppose could be part of it, but I think the other […]

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Chicken smells

After I posted this chicken smell post, I’ve gotten a lot of hits to the blog from it. Again, if it smells, throw it out. If it’s in date, take it back to the store for a refund. Searches: chicken that smells bad bad chicken smell bad chicken bacteria chicken fresh but smells a bit […]

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Alternate/Virtual Farming

I’m having WAY too much fun with this. Facebook (which I despise) has a game called Farm Town. Sign up for Facebook if you haven’t and add me as a friend and neighbor – amy_e_williams(at)hotmail(dot)com (replacing, of course, the (at) with @ and (dot) with .) I’m addicted. My farm (right now) has Sunflowers, Corn, […]

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