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Salem, Oregon Community Gardens

I’m going over Analytics data today, seeing people looking for a lot of things I haven’t posted about, but should. If you’re looking for community vegetable gardens in Salem, Oregon, start here. I haven’t had a chance to call any of the number on this page, but it’s a place to start. I’ll post more […]

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Heading into spring

Sunny, warm February. Idaho can kiss my butt 😉 No offense to my Idahoan readers of course… I already need to mow the lawn and flowers are blooming! Trying to find time to think about the garden. Being a single full time student while being self employed with 4 homeschooled kids is kicking my rear […]

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OSU Master Gardener Program

I got this email and am passing it on to you! Don’t miss out! Fall Greetings from Oregon State University! You are receiving this email because you are on our Master Gardenerâ„¢ Online mailing list. We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our January 2010 Master Gardenerâ„¢ Online basic training course. […]

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Snow already

Not here in the Willamette Valley of course (I’d be headed to Mexico ala “Day After Tomorrow”), but Timerbline Lodge saw some already. Granted they’re way up in the Cascades, but I’m still saying a mournful goodbye to summer. Ah well. When I remind myself that winter here can barely be called winter (save for […]

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Cape Meares

In all our trips to the coast, we always went straight over from Salem to Lincoln City, then south. With 4 very loud hyper kids in tow, you go with what you know, know what I mean? Just as we got about 6 miles outside Lincoln City today, traffic slowed to a stop, maxing out […]

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Excuse me while I move to Antarctica

This is what I get for picking on Double Danger and their weather in Texas. I’m sorry, I’ll be good from now on! Just give us back our PNW weather please, pretty please?? It’s 75 outside, 84 inside. 4 fans running. I cannot sleep. Yes, I think we’ll dust off that a/c window unit tomorrow. […]

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Deviating from normal

I don’t get out nearly as much as I should, but we bought a 1 year state parks pass a couple months ago and haven’t used it once. Considering I only need to use it once a month to get my money out of it, I’m trying to do that (trying for every 2 weeks […]

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