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Autumn so soon?

Doesn’t seem like the end of summer is just around the corner, but then again, the gray and rain we’ve gotten the past few days helps get over the weirdness of it. Garden clean up will commence this week, we’ll get it all ready for winter and spring planting just in case we do end […]

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Canning season

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day (and weekend)! We ran out of homemade jam early May and I could not find storebought that didn’t have HFCS (we have corn allergies) or red food dye (sensitivities). So on the 18th I picked up some strawberries and made a batch for everyone else (I’m […]

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Tomatoes & the inevitable salsa

I really did mess up with the tomatoes :lol They’re all falling all over the place and planted so close together that a lot are falling into the middle of the whole mess and ripening and I can’t see them. There’s hundreds of tomatoes. It’s insanity. Here’s the first group of tomatoes. About half were […]

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What a bounty! Woohoo!

Wow. I haven’t even set foot in the garden in 3-4 days because of the heat then rain and I was thrilled by what I found. Our first red roma tomatoes, crooknecks and zucchini, lots of corn and more. Check it all out :thumb And the crookneck squash siamese twin that wants to be a […]

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So much for planning on weeding today. A big storm came in last night and will last all week. With the amount of rain we’re going to get, I think the weeds might just take over :lol I did manage to get the zucchini shredded and frozen, and got a bunch of peaches and have […]

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Drying parsley: a how-to in progress

Some random images and thoughts on drying parsley for the first time. I’ll put it all into one post at the end if it turns out well! Started out with the biggest parsley, and grouped them into small bunches. Tied them with the left over twine from the trellis, and hung on a curtain rod […]

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