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Comment math question removed

Hi readers! I appreciate each and every one of you listening to my sadly irregular and strange ranting about all things garden and food. I love to hear from you and I’ve gotten a lot of emails about how the comments math question is not working. So I’ve deactivated it one more time and will […]

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Such exciting news

Yeah, not so much! But I finally needed to water yesterday. I need to do more weed control, I might as well not have bothered before. I hate weeds. Mulch, either organic or plastic, will be my friend next year. Don’t ask why I didn’t use it this year, it might have been forgetfulness, or […]

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What I’ve been up to (w/pictures)

I got more work in the garden done on Mother’s Day. We went out looking for tomato plants but no one (really, no one) had any roma or cherry varieties. So I got seeds and direct sowed those. No growth yet (5 days later), but I’m holding out hope. Not so much hope however, that […]

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Open for gardening

I managed to get into the garden today. Work and the weather and the kids all lined up to let me get something done. Massive weeding (at least 3 hours worth), got the trellis for the peas up, and built up the tater mounds. All the seedlings that were still needing to be planted died. […]

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Garden of Mess

Ah, kids. I love em. They bring me more joy then anything else. But sometimes, they make me go :rant :hide :help :cry :shake :eyeroll :censored The younger boys (almost 5 and almost 3) were doing more then playing out back the other day, they managed to get the garden gate open and wreak total […]

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So I haven’t done, uh, anything in the garden, really since I last posted. But things are still happening. We have 6 potatoes already coming up, I was very surprised to see them already. Lots and lots of peas and I think this weekend we’ll get the trellis up. The green beans have all made […]

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What is this plant?

I know I haven’t had many readers lately mostly due to Blotanical’s (really Google’s) feed problem. Hopefully it’s fixed and this is picked up and displayed! This weird yellow fruit is getting huge, please help me identify it :treehugger

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Identify this pumpkin!

I planted 2 kids of pumpkins, both Burpee, one is a “Prizewinner Hybrid” and the other 2 plants are supposed to be “Jack O Lantern”. There’s 2 plants, both supposed to be Jack O Lantern, planted inches from each other (both were coming in so well I couldn’t bear to pull one :lol) One is […]

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