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Cayenne Peppers in bloom

This is the extent of my gardening this year, but even this little bit makes me happy!   2 cayenne chili blooms. They’re so cute. #alberta #canada #gardening #garden #tinygarden #cayenne #chili #growing #plant #organic A post shared by Amy | (@amy_e_garrett) on Jul 24, 2017 at 4:28pm PDT Save Save Save

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In the zone

Here’s a clue (less of a clue and more an obvious answer, thanks to some paperwork being finalized) where I’m going to be gardening at next spring: But according to this, I’ll be in zone 3b to 4a, where the official Canada hardiness map indicates 1b to 2a: (yeah Alberta is a big […]

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Almost done for the year

The last of the potatoes and onions got harvested yesterday. The onions were trying to flower, I guess it’s been this bizarre ‘super hot to below normal temps’ weather. All that is left are a few cucumbers and tons of tomatoes. I’m thinking of container gardening next year to make the whole process easier since […]

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The garden, Squidoo, random

I’m the queen of craptastic titles, I know. It’s been hot, not as hot as say, Double Danger (they have a whole “hot as hell” category, you could not pay me enough to live in Texas), but it’s getting 90-95F with high humidity and no a/c, and if you’ve missed my whining on Twitter, you […]

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Carrots and onions

The list of things that are growing in spite of me (it sure ain’t because of me!!): Cucumbers Russet Potatoes Tomatoes (not great, but we do have baby ‘maters) Green Beans Carrots Onions Peas (done for the season) Lettuce (it grew really well, too bad I let it bolt to seed!) I thinned the carrots […]

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