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GMO Honey

Bees + GMO crops = GMO honey. I was thinking about this the other day and Google Alerts was so kind as to send me this. Honey that contains traces of pollen from genetically modified crops needs special authorization before it can be sold, the European Union’s top court said Tuesday, in a judgment that […]

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Adventures in Soap Making

I’m going to do it. I’ve been putting it off for years. I’m going to risk my life and play with caustic chemicals and make my own soap. I’m not taking the cheater way out and grinding up a store bought bar and adding stuff to it. Yes, I was going for melodramatic. I know […]

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My little post about climate change

Random stuffs…… Yes, the planet has gone through these cycles before. We’re making it worse, we’re making it faster. Humans have this amazing ability to create miracles when faced with problems (call it god or whatever if you want, I think we’re just smart) – every time there’s a war, our technology advances by leaps […]

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YOU! Yes, YOU! Turn your lights off! Tonight!

On Saturday, March 28, 2009, at 8:30 pm, our family is taking part in Earth Hour—a global event in which millions of people will turn out their lights to make a statement of concern about our planet and climate change. Sponsored by World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour got started just two years ago and is […]

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Salem residents: Chicken updates

A group called CAC (Citizens Against Chickens) has formed and are trying to drowned out the voices of those of us who want chickens. Chickens (hens) are legal in Portland any many surrounding towns, Eugene, Corvallis and MANY big cities (NYC for one) across the country. Chickens do NOT equal “poor white trash” or lower […]

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Chickens in the Yard?

I’m not the only one in Salem who wants chickens! The group – C.I.T.Y. – can be found at Considering that Portland, population of over half a million, allows up to 5 backyard hens, I think it’s ridiculous that Salem residents cannot. I am tired of buying eggs, and I miss raising chickens!

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