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The strawberries seem to be ok after all that cold, I see more green. One plant isn’t doing well, but the other 23 are growing. A cousin gave us these hangers (among a bunch of other stuff) and I just had to get the hanging containers….just have to find something quick growing and affordable to […]

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Warming up….sort of

Well, the super cold system is gone. It left over 2 feet of snow on our friend in Alberta, Canada though LOL It’s not real warm, about 45-50 right now, but warm enough to start hardening off the seedlings. So they are spending their first day outside, on the front porch, to start getting acclimated […]

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Yard Work

The front yard has these curved areas wrapping around the front and side of the house, and along the sidewalk and into the side yard, they’re full of roses and rhododendrons, a big wisteria and other bushes. The weeds in these areas have gotten pretty crazy since we moved in, but we started tackling it […]

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Tilling the garden

Got the tilling mostly done (it needs another pass). Mowed the back yard. Started a “proper” compost – half buried a 32 gallon plastic trash can in the ground and filled it with some of the “compost” I’ve been making (grass clippings) and the kitchen scraps I saved up this week. The can has holes […]

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