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…or the lack there of… Once gain, I’m looking through the Territorial Seed Winter 2009 catalog and just wishing because we think we might move come tax-refund-time. The yard is great, but this house is too damn small. We need at least one more bedroom, preferably 2. I also need a full size dishwasher, because […]

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A random post

I have garden pictures but need to find my card reader to get them onto the computer. It’s growing great, mostly in spite of me – definitely not because of! The snap peas are going crazy. I think the weather has freaked out the onions, a couple have bolted and are flowering. The potatoes, compared […]

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Tomato seeds; heat (unrelated)

I am very glad I bought those tomato plants because *none* of the seeds I planted on Mother’s Day sprouted. They’ve had plenty of water, but not too much, and it’s been nice and warm, so I don’t know what the deal is with them. Yay for Winco…hopefully I’ll have enough to make salsa again […]

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Tree IDed (I think)

After I posted about my mystery tree and couldn’t figure it out, I decided to wait and see what the tree did. It got leaves and started growing helicopters :lol It’s what my family calls the seed-wings: Because when they are big and dry, you can throw them in the air and they twirl down […]

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“the chicken looks good but smells bad”

Odd way to find my site, yet a few have (through my Salem chicken updates). So to prevent any readers from food poisoning, I’ll answer in it’s own post: The smell is from bacteria. Lots of bacteria. Bacteria decomposes food, makes you sick and STINKS. If it smells bad, throw it out. Don’t think cooking […]

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Help – tree identification (picture)

Green flower cluster, originally uploaded by clickclique. What is this tree in my back yard? We have a few trees I need help identifying but this is the only one really growing. This photo isn’t mine, I found it on flickr while trying to identify it myself…of course it doesn’t say what it is! This […]

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Wow, is that the sun? I’d forgotten…

Not only did we turn our heat completely off instead of way down, but I got a lot done in the garden and got my first sunburn of the season. Not the fluorescent red like I had last year at this time, but enough to remind me not to scratch an itch. Totally gorgeous day, […]

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Work at home gardener

So apparently it’s not so easy to get in gardening time when you’re working all the time. I think it’s easier for my work outside the home counterparts because they generally (not always) leave work at work. Not me. It’s right here, there’s no clocking out at 5pm for me. I don’t generally bring in […]

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Garden map

Ugh. Thanks to Dora the Explorer I’ve got “I’m the Map, I’m the Map, I’m the Map, I’m the Map, I’m the Map, I’m THE MAP” stuck in my head. :shake If you’ve got little kids and Noggin/Nick Jr, you know what I mean! Anyway, here’s a tentative, not to exact scale map of what […]

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