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Artemis at our pond/dugout.

Years of our lives

That moment when you realize it was 2014 when you posted last, and it’s somehow now 2017…. How did that happen? Looking back over all the year’s posts, my poor garden blog went from frequent excited posts to sporadic random recipes and “want to do”.  2017 has us on our own property so the “want […]

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2014 Veggie Garden offically started!

Finally – it’s been years since I got to really get into doing a veggie garden, but I got a start on it today! It didn’t take much work to get the container/raised beds cleaned up from the winter, and I planted onions: And a lonely rhubarb that won’t be lonely for long: Here’s all […]

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The winners!

Wendy, Teresa, Jennifer, and Laura are the winners of a brand new bar of handmade gardener’s soap. I believe Jennifer is most in need of some good soap: Jennifer said: Well this was not an easy feat. Home alone gardening today and actually looked down at my hands and thought, hmm wonder who won that […]

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Shh, don’t remind me

Yes it’s almost February. Resolutions? I don’t recall any resolutions. Don’t you dare scroll down that page! I said don’t! That should be an indication how those are going (I’ve had a few people email and ask) 😉 Soap making is FUN. I already have 100+ bars of soap at various stages of curing. And […]

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2010 had a lot of ups and downs here in our little corner of the world. The ups mostly made up for the downs though, and the upcoming 2011 ups will be even better. I got a jump on my “New Years Resolutions” by quitting smoking (…again…) 4 days ago. My actual resolution will be […]

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It has come to my attention that it is June. I refuse to believe this. It’s actually February right? And my daughter is not turning 15 in a few days, my garden is thriving and it’s not finals week. …….. Oh damn. Would you believe I’ve had exactly enough time to plant nothing?? The only […]

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Oregon February Garden Checklist

It’s almost February, 2 months til spring, yay! Oregon residents, here’s your February garden “to dos” from the OSU Extension service – First consider cultural, and then physical controls. The conservation of biological control agents (predators, parasitoids) should be favored over the purchase and release of biological controls. Use chemical controls only when necessary, only […]

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Turkey Day ’09

First order of business: Costco is getting ready to start accepting food stamps (now known as SNAP, or Supplimental Nutrition Assistance Program) by Thanksgiving ’09, which I think many of my readers will appreciate thanks to the great economy we’ve got going on. Just be careful and price compare because Costco is more expensive for […]

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