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Artificial light

I transplanted some of the broccoli seedlings to see if they’d grow better in the bunches or singled out, which might also depend on if they can handle being transplanted…then I did some research on artificial lighting and it seems seedlings do best with lots and lots of light (I assumed they needed breaks of […]

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More sprouts

Roma tomatoes, chives, and oregano made an appearance after last night’s watering and all night light bath. I’m not sure if I’m doing it exactly right…but the seedlings look good so far. Just waiting for Parsley and Rosemary to make an appearance. Not expecting the peppers, I planted them before reading they should be started […]

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Tilling the garden

Got the tilling mostly done (it needs another pass). Mowed the back yard. Started a “proper” compost – half buried a 32 gallon plastic trash can in the ground and filled it with some of the “compost” I’ve been making (grass clippings) and the kitchen scraps I saved up this week. The can has holes […]

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If anyone can see anything wrong with this (other then my misspelling of zucchini) let me know. I borrowed a layout from to make this. The main square will be about 20’x20′ with another 20′ (or as much as needed) where the corn and taters will be. (modified 3.17 from the original posted earlier)

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Woo – Gardening!

I hate weeding but I so love growing my own food, so I’m gonna do my best to see this project to completion and grow us a garden. Today I bought (and much of these are more for trying out the growing process then trying out the food):Seeds: Pumpkins (2 kinds) Snap beans Zuccini Lettuce […]

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