My name is Amy, I am a 38 year old married mom of 4 kids, though 2 are now adults, and the younger 2 are quickly approaching their teens, so it’s less “mom of 4” and more “circus ringleader.”

I am self employed; I own my own handmade soap company, I am also a web developer. I was born in Oregon and have a deep love for the Oregon mountains and coast; I married a Canadian and am living in Northern Alberta now.

I’m passionate about no-GMO, sustainable gardening and farming, and I know that way of food production can feed every single mouth on the planet, if the world governments would stop controlling food supply so hideously.

Living in Alberta is different in many ways from Oregon – Canola crops are the normal here, no one cares, and you can see dozens to hundreds of GMO test fields all over. I hate it, but I’m not a crazy (no burning fields) so the best I can do is educate when the opportunity arises.

Besides gardening, I enjoy making soap, web development, photography, reading, and cooking.

My Zone: Being in Northern Alberta with oodles of microzones, I can’t say for sure. But it’s between 1-3 with a total of 2.5-3 months for a growing season. Quite a change from Oregon!

About Garden of Eatin’:

Since my site is coming up better on the search results, I wanted to make sure anyone wondering knows I’m not trying to infringe on any copyrights. This blog site is NOT afflilated, owned, or related to the Garden of Eatin’ food company. As I stated in a May 2008 post:

There’s a little place on I15 going between Idaho Falls and Pocatello with this big beautiful garden and a sign: Garden of Eatin’. I just remembered that I always wanted that sign on my garden (it’s been over a year since we moved from Idaho) so I figured my garden blog name is the next best thing.

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