The winners!

Wendy, Teresa, Jennifer, and Laura are the winners of a brand new bar of handmade gardener’s soap.

I believe Jennifer is most in need of some good soap:

Jennifer said:

Well this was not an easy feat. Home alone gardening today and actually looked down at my hands and thought, hmm wonder who won that dirty hand contest? Came in to grab a drink and check FB to see if it was still going on before heading back outside to finish up. Grabbed my camera and back to work I went. Trying to figure out with dirty hands how to use the automatic timer on this dang camera and keep my DOG out of the picture was laughable. I’ve never been a big fan of gardening gloves, I like to feel the dirt and plants, plus my bulldog ATE mine last year!!  I got one picture and the battery died! uggghhh Planned on taking some  pics of the plants I replanted and seedlings I just moved, but alas it just wasn’t meant to be. But it does look like I got my dirty knees in the pics Thankfully I did not get anymore of my self in the pic cuz I look a mess.

Thanks for entering Jennifer! Your new soap will get you cleaned up in no time 🙂

Here are some other photos that were sent in:


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  1. aya
    aya says:

    Congratulations to the winners of a brand new bar of handmade gardener’s soap… You did it guys :)..Keep up the good work :).


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