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Oh my gosh readers. It’s been far too long since I posted about anything.

Before I go any further with that, I do update the Garden of Eatin’ facebook page a bit more often, so if you are worried I’ve fallen off the face of the planet, head over there and see what I’m up to, or not up to as the case has been for many moons now.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, to the reason I don’t post about things as much as I could – even should. I have some unsavory ex-inlaws who I can’t let have too much information about me. These people are dangerous – kidnap my kids kind of dangerous. So much of what I want to write about – say a new gardening location – can’t be done until after it’s happened and we’re safe and secure. I tried to keep that from being melodramatic, it’s just the truth!

For now, I’m working on some ideas for the Monsanto page. It’s in need of a revamp, and I need to respond to people’s comments and questions. I can say with some certainty, that Territorial Seed does sell a limited amount of Monsanto/Seminis seed but it is my understanding that they are phasing them out. I would like to hear from the horse’s mouth on this, because they are such a big company, I may shoot any email to them and try to get a seed list for my readers to avoid. I cannot do this with all seed companies. I’m in school full time, working at home part time, I have 4 kids and there’s some other huge life changes happening that, again, I can’t talk about until after the fact due to them pesky ex-inlaws.

The funny thing is, I have 2 sets of ex-inlaws and they both are reading this wondering if I’m talking about them or the other one, or both. Ha. Let them wonder!

I expect to do some very small scale gardening this spring, maybe indoor herbs and a few container plants. Most of my posting will be geared less on my own gardening experience and more on recipes, safe seed, and other organic gardening methods. I look forward to posting more, and having a pretty new Monsanto page to show you 🙂

I thank each and every one of you for the comments and emails I’ve received in support of me and my little ol’ blog. <3

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