What are you looking for?

I have such a fun array of search terms that people come here from.

virtual farming – yes, I still play Farm Town on Facebook… add me as a friend on Facebook (amy_e_williams(at)hotmail.com) – just let me know when you send the friend request that you play Farm Town and we can be neighbors! http://apps.facebook.com/farmtown/

My Fish Taco recipe is getting loads of hits –
taco del mar white sauce recipe
taco del mar fish taco recipe
fish taco white sauce recipe
fish taco recipe white sauce
beer battered fish taco recipe
taco del mar recipes

And “chicken smells funny” – throw.it.out.please.

Rounding out the top search terms are avoiding monsanto (see the link over to the right), and bread machine pizza dough recipe.

Notice there’s not actually any about gardening? To be fair though, row covers for gardens and oregon gardening calendar are also in there, just not as one of the more searched for terms. People just like Fish Tacos!

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