Cape Meares

In all our trips to the coast, we always went straight over from Salem to Lincoln City, then south. With 4 very loud hyper kids in tow, you go with what you know, know what I mean? Just as we got about 6 miles outside Lincoln City today, traffic slowed to a stop, maxing out at 5mph – it took us 30 minutes to go a little over a mile. We saw the turn off to go North and went for it.

Much whining from the kids “are we there yet?” and we found ourselves at Cape Meares, surrounded by gorgeous trees and thick fog.

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We went and saw the lighthouse (already closed, so just the outside)….

july09_0183 copy

and the “Octopus Tree”…

july09_0197 copy

Then came back and ate a quick dinner (already packed in the cooler) while watching the fog roll over the trees

july09_0199 copy

Then drove down to Lincoln City, but it had gotten cloudy, windy and very cool (completely opposite what the weather report said of course) so we headed back and visited the park in Van Duzen area that the kids love and came home.

This was our welcome home, just outside Monmouth

july09_0209 copy

I do love Oregon.

And I have more cherry tomatoes and cucumbers ripe!

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