Those hardy enough to survive, thrive

july09_0010 copyI just harvested enough green beans for dinner tonight. I didn’t even know we had more than a few because of all the weeds, but on the 4th we managed to get out there and get a lot done. It looks a lot better but still has a ways to go. The husband unit wants to plant a short winter crop, I’m thinking about it! We’re not making plans for spring because I’m not sure if we’ll be here like I’ve mentioned before, but a winter crop would be ok I think!

Here’s one of the plants before picking:

july09_0007 copy

Cherry tomatoes (the romas are doing good too):

july09_0001 copy

Cucumbers! I don’t remember now which is which – one is of the pickling cukes, the other is the slicing cukes.

july09_0005 copy

july09_0004 copy

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