Salem chickens update

Update: The article is out!
Apparently the City of Salem is becoming a nationwide spectacle over this chicken mess. So much so that the Wall Street Journal is interested. I guess the mayor thinks it’s because they’re dragging it out so long, which I suppose could be part of it, but I think the other part of it is that chickens are even such an issue. It’s rediculous! We can have pot bellied pigs, and we don’t have a leash law (which makes me nervous…) but we can’t have chickens. Sigh. Priorities, people?

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    • Amy
      Amy says:

      Oh I wish it were just that! Everyone who wants chickens agree, “no roosters!” but the city still doesn’t want hens! I really think it’s all about ignorance and a bit of classism with the more elite councilmen and Salem residents who think chickens will bring property values down and turn everyone into Ma and Pa Redneck. Sigh.


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