The post where I’m a fraud

I did manage to get out and weed after these picture were taken, but honestly, it’s so bad that all I could do before my back gave out was clear out around the each of the plants. Some gardener I am 😉

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Hi Amy~~ I hope your back is on the mend. When I complain to my hubby about my back, he unceremoniously reminds me, “It means you’re getting old.” At which point I slap him. LOL.

    Weeds and bugs seem to be the ongoing challenge that makes me wonder why I’m so neurotic. Gardening can be such a lesson in futility. But your crops look terrific and happy weeds mean good soil, so look at it that way. 🙂

    Bt on your cabbage will get the worms. I haven’t seen too many yet here but I know they’re coming.

    You’re not a fraud, you’re honest and the rest of us are pretty much in the same boat. The only perfect gardens are glossy and airbrushed.


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