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I have garden pictures but need to find my card reader to get them onto the computer. It’s growing great, mostly in spite of me – definitely not because of! The snap peas are going crazy. I think the weather has freaked out the onions, a couple have bolted and are flowering. The potatoes, compared to last year especially, are monsters. I’ll have to take some comparison photos.

I’ve been crazy busy. Work is picking up wonderfully. The kids are doing great with their school work.

I did a close-to-authentic mexican dinner today. One of those all day affairs? Yeah, it was :drool good. I started carnitas this morning, along with homemade refried beans.Then before dinner, I made spanish rice and served it all (with cheese, tomatoes, salsa, etc) on tortilla shells. Which I wanted to do homemade, but I think I did enough for one day.

The rest of the week I’ll be working but hopefully I can get a day to do some weeding because there is easily 2-3 times as many weeds in the garden, and they are taller than most of the plants!

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Hi Amy~~ It’s definitely more challenging to blog these days. Nice to hear from you and hear that your garden is happy. Aren’t you glad the cool weather is back? And I heard that Salem got a “direct hit” from the infamous thunderstorm last week.
    At least now we don’t have to water as often. Your Mexican dinner sounds great.


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