What I’ve been up to (w/pictures)

I got more work in the garden done on Mother’s Day. We went out looking for tomato plants but no one (really, no one) had any roma or cherry varieties. So I got seeds and direct sowed those. No growth yet (5 days later), but I’m holding out hope. Not so much hope however, that I passed up the tomato plants I found at Winco today. Roma and 2 types of cherry tomatoes, plus pickling and slicing cucumbers. And I think I might go back for more.

Here’s how the garden looks. I know it’s not bad (though still very weedy), but its so far less then I wanted to accomplish this year. Ah well, hopefully by the time we start harvesting I’ll get over it!

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Hi Amy~~ Yay Winco! I’m glad you found your veggie starts. I see very few weeds and your soil looks awesome.

    Weather should be good for gardening this weekend. Yay!

  2. Avis
    Avis says:

    I think your tomato seeds sown directly will produce this season. In fact, they’ve probably already sprouted since your post. I’ll be following their progress. Cheers!


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