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I managed to get into the garden today. Work and the weather and the kids all lined up to let me get something done. Massive weeding (at least 3 hours worth), got the trellis for the peas up, and built up the tater mounds.

All the seedlings that were still needing to be planted died. So the Garden of Eatin’ now only has some onions (what’s left after the kids’ destruction), peas, green beans, 2 cabbage (had 20, the kids got to all the others), carrots, lettuce, spinach, and potatoes.

The pickles, squashes, tomatoes, celery, green peppers, herbs, and more, are no more. I’m considering getting tomato plants but not sure if finances will allow it, or if it’s a good idea where I’m so limited on time.  I really want to make salsa again this year.

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  1. Mary or MAA
    Mary or MAA says:

    Hi Amy

    I finally have a row of Asparagus and 3 rows of eversweet strawberrys. I set out party bowl with beer last night. This morning the slugs and strawberry root wevil billied up to the bar. I haven’t got my potatoes in yet but I should get them in sometime this week. I was very surprised. The root wevils were at the bar with the slugs. The soil temperature varies between 50 and 55. I want to use nematodes. I have use them in the lawn for years to keep the flees down and it has worked remarkably. However, I move from Portland down to Keizer on a small lot that was last used for brocolli before the land turned into a development in the 70’s’. In my neighborhood the soil is about 75% clay, very little humus and many lawn moths and/or grain moths, as well as grubs, white flies and slugs. We have only 3 frogs and no garter snake to take care of insects and slug. If I did have the snakes available I think they would be killed anyway. Most of the people just don’t get it. The snakes here are not poisonous but the slugs are poisonous to animals and humans if eaten. I gotta get of my soap box now. I am in the process of augmenting the soil with compost, sand and commercial steer manurer (for what it’s worth). I like your web site.


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