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So apparently it’s not so easy to get in gardening time when you’re working all the time. I think it’s easier for my work outside the home counterparts because they generally (not always) leave work at work. Not me. It’s right here, there’s no clocking out at 5pm for me. I don’t generally bring in enough moolah to let myself off the hook so my family fully expects me to be at the computer from wake to sleep, with time off for (home)school work with the kids, some chores and feeding the bunch. I feel guilty walking away from work because the more I work, the faster I get paid – which might be the sign of a workaholic except workaholics tend to make enough to pay rent :lol

Anyway, so I’m trying to get in some gardening. The other half did some row prep done this afternoon and I full intended to transplant some stuff but nope, didn’t happen. I also have forgotten to start a few seedlings that my nifty planting calendars say I should have, like, uhhhhh, 2 weeks ago. Hopefully this week I’ll have a few hours of sunny (or at least not torrential downpour) to get some work in the garden done.

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  1. Megan
    Megan says:

    I go through times where I get out in the garden enough to feel like I’m accomplishing things, but I also have those stretches where it just seems impossible, work takes up all the hours of daylight. Hope you are able to see the light and get out there soon, and the weather cooperates.


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