Sunny and productive

Super nice today! We got out and got the fence up around the new garden area and started tilling (the soil is AWESOME by the way, tilling is mostly needed to break up the overgrowth of weeds), plus started spreading the huge pile of wood chips (left here by the previous people from a downed tree) around the back wooded part of the yard to make it look better, and it does. I’m looking forward to getting it all cleaned up and finding a park-style bench and a concrete birdbath or something equally quaint to put out there.

I also gave the seedlings a good sunbathing, I need to post pictures of my redneck pots I transplanted some into. Tomorrow, with pictures of “stage 2” of the garden’s progress (once we’re done tilling).

I’ve mentally planned out where some of the plants will grow, but I need to get a map planned, and figure out row spacing, I’m not doing a fancy-ish design like last year. Just your basic functional garden!

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