Weather in the Willamette Valley

It snowed again :lol And now it’s almost 50 degrees, but my 11 year old son managed to get out in time and make a snow man. Being the bad blogger and mom that I am, I forgot to get pictures 🙁 I would bet money if I had it that’ll we’ll get another snow before April the way this climate change is going. I know it’s not the worst or best winter ever, but worldwide, things are changing.

Hey, at least before the ice age in a couple hundred years it’ll be nice and tropical in Canada, eh?

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  1. Synthea,

    Well, we were supposed to get that snow, but I didn’t get any here. There were areas that did, however! Don’t feel bad about missing the pics, I missed plenty with my kids! And I’ll top you one- since we have almost always home schooled, we never did yearly pics! Now that’s sad 🙂

  2. Grace February 26, 2009 at 10:01 pm #

    Can you believe it? We just got a light dusting here on the hill but there was snow on the rooftops in downtown Albany. On the news I saw pictures of Salem and it looked like you all got the brunt of it. So you’re thinking one more snow before it’s over? At this point, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. At least it wasn’t terribly cold.

  3. Amy February 27, 2009 at 12:44 am #

    Tessa – not sad at all! I didn’t do them even when my kids were in school lol

    Grace – It really dumped on us, my back railing had about 3″ …how crazy we got the worst of it! I’m guessing the Willamette Valley floor, somewhere, one of us, will see more snow before April. I’m just happy to not have snow into late May like we had in Idaho!

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