Garden meme

Having never done one of these before, I’ll probably do something wrong. Double Danger started it, blame them! :duck

Describe your gardening style

Throw stuff in the ground and hope it grows? I use all natural stuff to make it work and hope for the best. I like growing things that have a definite use – food, herbs, medicinal (2 aloe plants)…I cannot keep flowers alive.

What was the last plant you bought?

Actual plant? I think that was my bigger aloe plant. That was beautiful and thick and the younger 2 got ahold of it and broke all but 3 fronds off it :censored At least it’s still alive.

What were the last seeds you bought?

Veggie and herb seeds

When was the last time you had to pick the dirt from under your nails?

Nails? Phht. I have such weak nails there’s no room for dirt to get under. But if I had decent nails, it would have been yesterday after planting onions.

Any big plans for the garden this year?

Not this year. Not going to grow things like strawberries or asparagus until we’re in our own house, too much chance of having to move mid-season. Just keeping it simple this time!

What was has been your biggest mistake in gardening EVER?

Leaving the water on overnight, flooding the entire garden.

Biggest success?

A tie between tomatoes and zucchini….they were coming out our ears.

If you could be doing anything right now in regards to gardening… what would it be?

Cleaning up and tilling the new garden spot to make it ready for the season. Soon, I hope.

I think Mr Linky is working?

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    • Amy
      Amy says:

      I think (not sure even I did it right), that you make a new post, link where you got the meme from (like I did Double Danger) then copy and paste the questions into your blog, and answer each with your responses. I had a hard time with Mr Linky (hotmail didn’t like email from them), but if you can get it working, the site tells you how to add that to your blog post to show up like it is in mine and DD’s.


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