2009 plug for Earth Juice

fe500infopic1While I wish I was getting paid for this, I’m not. This stuff is just that good. It deserves a post of its own. Good gardening practices and good soil is always better then using fertilizer, but if you need it, use this stuff. Organic, uses nothing “bad”, no chemicals or artificial crap that you don’t want in your food and body. And it works so well! My soil last year was blech and I tried to kill the garden a few times by severely over and under watering, using Earth Juice really helped me out. Use it from seedlings to fruiting! earthjuice.com/vegetable/index.html

I bought mine at www.americanag.com, and was pleased with their fast, free shipping (located in Portland, Oregon), or you can find a dealer here: earthjuice.com/buy/index.html

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    How does the cost compare to other “fertilizers”? And is it a concentrate to be diluted? Just wondering. I could probably check the link..duh! 🙂 Thanks for the info. I love it when fellow gardeners have found a product they like. Good old fashioned word of mouth sure beats spending a ton of money on something just to discover you made a horribly expensive mistake.

    Was today’s weather perfect or what?

    • Amy
      Amy says:

      I bought the Grow, Bloom, Microblast and Catalyst – it was around $50 and I still have enough to last me a couple years. I looked at a variety of other organic/natural fertilizers like blood and bone meals, fish emulsion, bat guano (really – http://dirtworks.net/Bat-Guano-Organic-Fertilizer.html), etc and the cost was just insane to get all of them. The Earth Juice has all that and more and works so well, so I am very happy with it.

      Today was awesome! Of course I’m working and can’t go outside much to enjoy it, but the kids were out in t-shirts running around like crazed maniacs lol


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