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Scatterbrained planning. The 2 year old is going through this “terrible two” stage I’ve never seen so intense – my other 3 were never were like this, and it’s really distracting to do anything, or even think a complete thought before a new temper tantrum starts. So I’m doing some very sporadic “to buy” and “to do” lists. I’ll try to have it all completed this weekend, with pictures…though if I don’t, assume the 2 year old “helped” :lol

To buy:

Peat pots/dirt
Mini greenhouse from previous post and maybe a shop light or two
Walla Walla onion seed
Celery seed
Cucumber seed
Cabbage seed
Basil seed
Chive seed

To do:

Start onion, celery, lettuce,  and herbs!

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Yes, your mini greenhouse is definitely going to serve you well.
    Regarding your two year old, I’m sure you’ve heard this a gazillion times but, “the time goes so quickly.” My youngest is 16 and I honestly can’t remember one time my any of my kids had a tantrum. They did but I guess we’re wired to remember only the good stuff. (Sorry. It used to annoy me when people told me things like this.)

    • Amy
      Amy says:

      I have a 13 year old that has tried every last nerve I have…all my kids are very strong willed, I guess I could call it, and the mix of the temper and inability to reason in a 2 year old is creating some very interesting times! Hopefully when they’re all grown I forget about this stuff lol


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