I’m going to have nightmares about monster boxes, I swear. Our one car garage is completely packed with boxes and there’s a good roomful still inside, plus furniture.  I hope the 24′ Uhaul is enough – I figured without my dad’s stuff here and the paring down I’ve been doing, we shouldn’t need a 26′! We’ll see tomorrow!

My own done/to do list to keep me motivated cause it’s really lacking right now:

Playroom packed
Kitchen packed except stuff we’ll need and the fridge (I was bad and bought paper/plastic plates, bowls, cups and silverware…errrr, plasticware)
Living room packed
Computer room packed except, obviously, the computers
Daughter’s room packed
Oldest son’s room almost done

Packing the master bedroom/younger kids clothes tonight

Everything else tomorrow?

Get the truck then:
-Empty the fridge and freezer
-Bathroom and linen closet
-Put all bedding in bags w/names

To put in van:
Cat (in carrier so I survive the trip)

Leave cleaning supplies, come back Saturday and clean after we drop off the truck.

Did I mention we have no help? This will be At least it’s not a long distance move.

To buy: new broom and mop (hold over from my pagan days, the idea is not to bring old dirt/vibes into the new house)

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Yay. Moving day. Maybe once you’re settled you can post some “before” pictures of your new backyard. Did you get the strawberries dug? Forgive me if you posted this and I missed it.

    Good luck with everything.

  2. Grace
    Grace says:

    Hey great minds think alike. Your earlier post shows a picture of your backyard. Lots and lots of space. Are you salivating? Probably too tired right now but oh what a fun spring and summer you’re in for.


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