Staying in Oregon and Strawberries?


Excuse the shouting, I’m very happy about it. I get to stay here!

We’ll find out today or tomorrow if we get the house we want – it has a backyard bigger then our current one (you’ve seen the pictures) with the entire back fence encased in blackberries. I asked the owner not to spray them as he was talking about, that we would keep them trimmed (yay pole trimmer).  It’s a much smaller house, only a 3 bedroom, one floor, but it’s got enough storage room we’ll make due.

Since I get to stay local, I’m wondering if I can take our strawberries with us – can any readers help me out? Can I just dig them up, do I need to trim the growth, what should I do? They’ve been in the ground about 9 months.

Cross your fingers we get this house! I can’t wait to start gardening again!

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Hy Synthea. I just found you on blotanical. I live and garden just south of you in Albany. Nice to finally meet another Oregonian.

    I’ve moved my strawberry plants many times. They’re very shallow rooted and don’t seem to mind being transplanted as long as they don’t dry out, which I doubt would be a problem now! I would cut off all the dead foliage and when replanting make sure not to bury the crown. They’re pretty tough and hardy.

    Sorry if that sounded annoyingly know-it-all-ish.

    I take it you’re happy to stay here in western Oregon with our mild weather. Idaho would be such a culture shock. My sister lives in Baker City Oregon and I can’t fathom living with 8 degree weather. I’m a wuss. That’s why I live here.

    Anyway, visit my blog sometime. I’ll fave you so visit you again.



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