3 weeks (dun dun duuuunnn)

3 weeks til we leave for Idaho – assuming the IRS gives me the refund instead of auditing me instead. Chances are low, yes, but I’m one of those lucky “special” people, you know?

So the bright spot – the only one (I really don’t want to live there) – is it’s almost gardening season. Assuming I can find a house to rent, in a short while I’ll be shopping for non-Monsanto seeds (though I think I have enough from last year, maybe will forgo the shopping part), sowing some indoors, tilling my garden with my uber-l33t Mantis (excuse the geek speak, I can’t help it sometimes) and starting the process again. I’ve already rolled up the fence to take with us and am working on getting all the gardening stuff ready to go. Looking over the past almost-year of posts gives me the oomph to trudge along, with the hopes I’ll be gardening again soon in a house that isn’t for sale/that we might have to leave any time even if we could afford it. Stability is awesome, I tell ya.

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