Help a family out this holiday season

I’ve been a member of’s message board for 3 years. MDC (Mothering Dot Com) has a member run program that helps members have a better winter holiday season then they might have otherwise.

2 years ago, we were in a good place financially and I was able to help maybe a dozen families with gift cards, clothes, toys and more, while last year, we broke even and couldn’t help out, but didn’t need help, but this year, we’re one of those needing help. While my family’s needs have already been met, there are a lot more, both in the US and Canada that still need help.

If you have some gently used clothes (babies, kids or adults), toys, maybe a gift card to a store you rarely shop at, why not consider donating it to this program? Unfortunately, only members of the MDC boards can get help, it is restricted to people who have been there for some time with higher post counts to prevent just anyone from trolling and asking for help, but anyone can help. Used items are fine, but they need to be in good usable condition, clean and age appropriate.

The website for US families is and the website for Canadian families is Just click on the “Go help” button and you can view families with needs, if you have an item in mind to donate, like a jacket, you can search for that term and it’ll bring up families who’ve entered that as a need. Then just click on the “Email the Holiday Helper staff about how you are wanting to help this family.” and let them know what you’ve got.

Edited to add the Holiday Helper BLOG: and the Facebook page:

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