Looking ahead (to Idaho?)

Eww! Idaho! Most of my readers probably don’t know that prior to 1.5 years ago, we lived in Idaho. I hate it there but it looks like we’re going back. Hello greenhouses, row covers, frost, cold and brr. I never got a garden going there, my seedlings all succumbed to that icky fungus. I know so much more now, I’m sure I’ll have success, but not like here! It’ll at least be a challenge. More likely an exercise in frustration, but a challenge none the less. Garden of Eatin will live on! I just have to think of content for the blog for the winter…. not that good of an article writer, but I’m sure I can come up with something.

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  1. Mick
    Mick says:

    Hello Amy

    Hey, I have a friend who lives in Boise!! She hated having to move back there after living in California but now seems to have settled in again.

    I’m glad that you’re getting something sorted out and I’m sure that you’ll find things to blog about during those cold winter months.
    Will you have a garden area to work on? If so you can use that time to plan your next gardening adventure, browse lots of seed catalogues and perhaps start a few things indoors.
    Rig up an ordinary lamp, no need to buy expensive “grow lamps”, and leave it on over the seedlings all day. It makes a great difference and helps the plants grow stronger.

    Hey, at least grow some spuds 🙂

    Best of luck with the move.

  2. Annie's Granny
    Annie's Granny says:

    I always had a nice garden when I lived in Lewiston, Idaho (where I was born & raised). Now I’m only about 120 miles from there, same climate, and still have a lovely garden. I never minded the winter months, as that was my time to rest and dream and plan for the following year.

  3. that chick
    that chick says:

    gardening in colder climates is totally do-able, it just takes a slightly different skill set than oregon gardening. i’ve gardened in mexico, northern california, bc, and the canadian prairies and all of them were dramatically different in the way you had to approach things. the risks are different, the plants are different… but you can do it.
    off to put the compost on the garden before the snow arrives…

  4. themanicgardener
    themanicgardener says:

    We’ll be neighbors! I’m in western Montana, and here in the great wide-open spaces of the far west where people drive sixty miles for a beer or a hamburger (or did before gas prices went through the roof and the economy tanked), what’s a state line? Of course, you will be on the other side of the Divide, but that just makes things warmer for you.

    Where exactly will you be?

    BTW–my favorite gardening store has seeds for a northern watermelon, developed in Idaho. So all is not lost. But it’s hard to move when you don’t want to go.

  5. Amy
    Amy says:

    When I originally wrote this, it was planned we were going to Idaho Falls. It’s a really long convoluted and confusing story as to why, but we’re going to be in Salmon, at least to start. Short story is, my in laws are there and it gives us an “in” back into Idaho.

    I actually hope to move permanently to Canada in the next year or 2, so I gotta suck it up about the cold. I really just dislike Idaho!


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