Slowing down

There hasn’t been much garden to blog about and it makes me sad. I wish I was able to plant my fall/winter garden and be working with that and blogging about it. Hopefully in spring we’ll have another one going where ever we may be. The tomatoes are still producing and I’ve just been making tons of salsa, because these guys are eating like there’s nothing else in the house :lol It only stays in the freezer for a week at most! I’m kinda glad I planted so many now.

The pumpkins continue to grow. I can’t wait to see how well they do for the contest :bounce We’ve gotten a lot of rain and everything is greening up so nicely. It’s funny, in Idaho, everything dies and stops growing in the winter and here, the grass turns yellow and plants slow growth in the summer, but grow most of the winter.

The herbs are really the only other things growing/producing now. The strawberry plants and threatening to take over the neighborhood, I think next year if we were here, we’d see a ton of fruit from them. We only got a tiny bit this year.

I got a deposit from Google Adsense for $307. I’d like to tell the person on that message board that tried to screw me up, to go bugger off, but I won’t. Or did I? It comes at a great time – I had planned on it helping with moving costs, but I have enough web design clients that that will cover the move, so this money will pay for badly needed kid’s clothes. I was starting to think they’d have to wear sheets soon :lol Thank you to all my visitors!

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  1. Muttix
    Muttix says:

    How long did that take you? I put in AdSense on my old blog (Blogger) but took it off after about a month. I know that people were clicking on it but the stats said that no one was. I’ve since moved my blog to WordPress but have no idea how to put in ads (or if you even can) there. But I’m just interested in how long it took you to have stats show up. You can email me the answer instead of posting it if you like.


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