Identify this pumpkin!

I planted 2 kids of pumpkins, both Burpee, one is a “Prizewinner Hybrid” and the other 2 plants are supposed to be “Jack O Lantern”.

There’s 2 plants, both supposed to be Jack O Lantern, planted inches from each other (both were coming in so well I couldn’t bear to pull one :lol)

One is coming in like what I think a normal pumpkin should: green and round:

(The Mystery Plant)
The other came in yellow from the very start and is a little more oval:

What is this thing?

This is the “Prizewinner” for clarification, it came in green like the first picture:


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  1. Muttix November 23, 2008 at 6:06 am #

    When I googled (because I have no idea what it is!) I came up with this picture but I don’t know what it is as it has no explanation with it. It looks a lot like your mystery plant though!

    This–4.html kind of looks like it too. Maybe you just have a yellow pumpkin growing?

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