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I’ve thought about doing a contest for months but can’t seem to come up with anything good. I thought about something with photos – maybe best garden photo involving kids? No, that would leave kidless out (or anyone not willing to put their kids photo on the net)…..Maybe have entrants send me their strangest gardening photos? That might work. Someone give me a better idea?

But then, what to offer as incentive? I thought about food – cookies, bread, jam? Would any of that survive shipping? A magazine subscription? A book? A gift certificate to Territorial Seed? Whatcha think?

And dude! I’ve got 29 readers! Thank you :love

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  1. that chick
    that chick says:

    best gardening haiku?
    best idea for a contest?
    something recipe-related?
    either way, please rig it so i win.

    the prize should be seeds. or chocolate. or coffee. or your favourite book. or something you made.

  2. compostings
    compostings says:

    Food contest! I would participate for food no doubt.

    Haiku contest always good.

    What about if you took enigmatic pictures of a bunch of gardening stuff and we had to guess what it was? That could be fun…


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