Some things I’ve learned I don’t grow well. Me or the soil, I’m not sure, but I’ll try again next year if our new place has the space.

Rosemary, from seed…planted twice, nothing grew. I tried watering with the rest of the herbs and watering less and it just didn’t grow for me.

Spinach… I got 4 seeds inside to sprout. They died from transplant shock and the others I planted (1/2 packet) never came up.

Watermelon…both kinds, it’s pathetic how poorly they are doing. I won’t be here to see them fruit if they do.

Cauliflower… one got pulled from some kind of bug infestation before it spread, another got pulled cause it looked…sick…the leave were ok but the head was dried out and just sick looking. Down to 2, they look ok, but I don’t have high hopes.

Chives…transplanted well, but then just…died…maybe got eaten? New seeds never came up.

Oregano….not making it.

(you can see most of my problems are herbs, I’m going to start a window container herb garden instead)

Lettuce did ok, I got about 8 small heads but they just weren’t that happy to be in the ground. I had about 40 planted. They are still trying to grow, but going pretty much directly to seed.

For all the successes in the garden, there are many more failures…I’m thrilled I’ve gotten as much to grow as I have though.

I also fail at keeping up with commenting on other gardener’s blogs…but I am reading all of them on my favorites list at Blotanical, and as many more new ones as I can squeeze it. I’m just too dang busy!

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  1. James
    James says:

    good to know we aren’t the only ones. I feel it is better to be honest about it all. 😉

    Makes me feel better anyhow. Well, at least to know someone else sucks sometimes too. haha

  2. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Hi from a fellow Oregonian-

    Don’t feel so bad about the rosemary- it is insanely hard to start from seed! For some reason my lemon balm does not like me. I grew it in a container last year and put it in the ground this year and it is still not happy! I’ll try again with a new plant one day…..

  3. Vachtra
    Vachtra says:

    When you say “fail” I assume you mean the new, or by now somewhat old, expression circulating around many writers I know to announce that something hasn’t quite happened correctly as in “This coffee, fail.”
    My response to this trend is “ARF!”
    This will make sense to anyone who has come across the dreaded abort/retry/fail error. It makes more sense than just fail since it gives you some options, unlike the actual error which usually just lets you abort after hitting “R” for retry a billion times in the vain hope that it might work.
    The only unfortunately down side to this is when commenting on anything having to do with a female since I am sure saying arf will get anyone slapped
    So next time something just isn’t right try hitting “R”. It’ might work.


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