Weeding made…….. fun?

If not fun, at least tolerable, and easy. I’ve been eying an oscillating hoe for a couple months now but only recently started to get weeds enough for me to consider my weeding options seriously. Chemicals are of course out, I’d rather completely lose my garden then spray anything toxic, so after reading about Tiny Farm Blog’s wheeled hoe, I decided I’d give the cheaper and smaller scale one a try. This one is from Lowes, locally it was $14.92 but at the checkout, the cashier asked if either Chris or I had been in the service and I told her that DH had (so what if they screwed him in boot camp – if it wasn’t for his mother, he’d still be in – LONG story), and we got $1 off that. I assume for Memorial Day. Got home and had all the open areas weeded in about 10 minutes, no kneeling. Nice.

I still have my 2 prong hoe for deep weeding and use it often. I also get down on my hands and knees and use a hand weeder or just my hands when I need to get close to the plants that should be in the garden. These items have made the dread and loathing I used to have for weeding completely disappear. Nice!

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