24 hours in a garden

The heat finally left us and we were greeting to wonderfully rainy, 55 degree weather this morning. I was thrilled. I think even Chris welcomed it and he hates the greyness of the Pacific Northwest (Salem really isn’t that bad though, not like the Gray’s Harbor area he grew up in). So with the rain, I didn’t bother watering today and instead of checking on the garden every few hours (I’m a little obsessive), it was a good 24 hours since I last checked it.

All the taters grew, visibly – a lot. I actually said out loud, “Holy shit!” LOL
So did the corn. And the squash. And the zucchini. And the peas. And the tomatoes.
Strawberries are blooming like mad.
I could see some growth on the carrots and lettuce.

I have to say, I do think part of it is the Earth Juice. Some of those plants should have died from transplant shock and they’re just doing so well. It’s rather thrilling!

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