*Emerges from the sweltering heat* (with pictures!)

I haven’t succumbed from the heat yet. The garden hasn’t either. It’s coming along quite well actually, everything is sprouted and doing well except the cucumbers, who I think just need more time. The only “problem” is there’s something eating little bits out of maybe half the plants. So to fight fire with fire, I spread out the nematodes I bought from Territorial Seed and watered super well yesterday evening. Hopefully they’ll catch and kill the little buggers before they get to my plants.

Here’s the strawberry patch. All the larger plants have started blooming, which I’ve pinched off the first blooms in hopes it”ll encourage them to grow bigger first.

Lettuce. My experiment with transplanting tiny seedlings. It seriously slowed their growth and I won’t do it again, but they are growing well now!

Peas are growing very well, but don’t want to grow UP. Next time I’ll do the trellis how I originally wanted, which includes vertical twine!

Short row of white radishes.

Cauliflower plants that I honestly thought wouldn’t make it from severe transplant shock.

Broccoli, lots and lots!

Close up of a broccoli plant

One of my new grape plants

My new blueberry plants, waiting to get transplanted.

All 3 grape plants waiting to be put in the ground.

The largest potato plant currently. One of the organic russets I bought from the store. The seed potatoes aren’t growing nearly as fast, but they are growing.

Some of the corn

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  1. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Hi Amy

    Everything’s looking fantastic. Could you send some of the warm weather my way, please? It’s wet and miserable here at the moment and I want my seedlings to catch up with yours!

  2. Compostings
    Compostings says:

    Looking great! I’ve got a small strawberry planter that is starting to give some berries. I didn’t do the pinch off trick.. should have.


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